July-September, 2008--"School's Out!"; Christopher Niemann's subway obsessed boys; Alexander Graham Hamilton; Nikki Blonsky; Olafur Elliason's Waterfalls; Benihana torment; beef with Bartholdi; Alabama Lovelies; bitchy Brits; Berda Californicated; the Koch and the Schwarzman; more mondegreens; Rouse humiliated; "When Guides Say Stupid Things"; Little Bytes of New Braunfels; Kayakers and Art; Disasters at the Met; Hot Dog Real Estate Update; Man on Wire; Dreamland; Paradies Alley; Little Bytes of Minneapolis; Dorothy Parker; Drunk Brits; rental updates; trash talk; Stroessenreuther in the Park; Lehman Brothers; Yankee Stadium; CastleGarden.org; Rent to Shrek; and retsina on the kneecaps...
April-June, 2008--Overheard snippets, pickpockets, Sebastian Horsley, Strawberry Fields, Nick Paumgarten and elevators, Otis memories, Otis karma, Celebracadabra, Century Magazine, Red-Tailed Hawks and P94M, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, a blockaded brownstone, Sex and the City, the real Kramer, surprise at the Westway Diner, proposal on the Lake, a byte of schist, Little Bytes of San Diego, Little Bytes of Seattle, San Jose, Kangol, anecdotes of the cumbersome. Marta Sanders, Zoe Lewis, the Cyclone, outrageously expensive lipstick, Tessa Derfner, and CSI:  The Vatican.
February-March, 2008--Crime stats, James Lecesne, Lady M humiliation, Japanese aerobic videos, Doug Dorph, "Twilight Becomes Night," the Westminster Kennel Club, Orange County, "Lost City," Daniel Webster, the Battle for Belvedere Castle (snowball fight), more Daniel Webster, an Anonymous confession, "Coffee Break at the Museum," the Worst Seed, Balto, a falling crane, and Bear Stearns.
November, 2007-January, 2008--These are entries posted while we were reimagining the blog.
June-October, 2007--These are entries starting with my night at the Lambda Awards and including a summer day at Coney Island, pictures of my newest one-day old friend, and some links.
February 26-May, 2007--These are entries starting with the launch of "Little Bytes of the Big Apple."
November, 2006-February, 2007--These are miscellaneous entries written during the period while I was planning and starting to shoot Little Bytes of the Big Apple.
September-October, 2006--These are the entries from September 8th until the end of October and include the two-part interview with author Charlie Huston.
West Coast Tour (August 15-September 2)--With the exception of the first entry, a love letter to Meryl Streep and Andrea Burns, these are the entries I posted while I was on the book tour.
The Twenty Day Blog (July 22-August 10, 2006)--These are the entries I wrote during the ten days leading up to the pub date of Suspension and the ten days following.
May 31-July 17, 2006--These are the first eight blog entries.  Here you'll find two full entries of the funny things tourists have said and done; a day trip to Queens with Briggs; the outrageous new (and now defunct) announcement made on boats bound for the Statue of Liberty; Robert's favorite sign in NYC; people trapped in the elevator at the new Apple store; the reopening of Liberty Plaza Park; and some crazy games people played back in 1942.






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